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  • VZ200 serial V076213 working
  • VZ300 serial V202330 working: brown keys BASIC v2.1
  • VZ300 serial V234907 working: beige keys BASIC v2.0 - the serial sticker may not be original

Other Hardware

  • Computer Program Data Recorder (X-7311) partially working (rewind only): this was a popular datasette sold by Dick Smith that was promoted for use with the VZ (and bundled in the Family Pack)
  • Extended EPROM status unknown
  • Laser DI40 Floppy Disk Controller status unknown, although I suspect that if it was working then the DOS ROM would boot and announce itself
  • VZ200 16K Memory Expansion Module x 2 working
  • VZ200 Demonstration Cartridge working: this was released free to stockists as an easy way to demonstrate the capabilities of the VZ200. Besides graphic and sound demos it also includes a demo of Circus.
  • VZ200 Internal Memory Board 6K (original)
  • VZ200 Internal Memory Board (circuit board only) based on ETI 687 Super II VZ200 Memory Modification and designed by Barry
  • VZ200 PP40 Printer Plotter partially working
  • VZ300 16K Memory Expansion Module x 2 working
  • VZ300 18K Memory Expansion Module working: a kit or homebrew, using a 32K x 8 static RAM
  • VZ300 18K Memory Expansion circuit board
  • VZ300 DR20 Data Cassette Recorder working: has a speaker modification
  • VZ300 Joysticks x 2 working
  • VZ300 Printer Interface untested

Original Software

all of these are on tape

  • Biorhythm/Pair Matching/Calendar (VZ200)
  • Blackjack (DSE VZ200)
  • Checkers (DSE VZ200)
  • Chess (DSE VZ200)
  • Circus (DSE VZ200)
  • Crash (DSE VZ300)
  • Dawn Patrol (DSE VZ300)
  • Demonstration Tape (VZ200)
  • Demonstration Tape (VZ300) x 2
  • Disassembler (DSE VZ300)
  • Dracula's Castle (DSE VZ200)
  • Duel (DSE VZ200)
  • Editor Assembler (DSE VZ300) x 4
  • Elementary Geometry (DSE VZ200)
  • Flashcard 3&4 (DSE VZ300)
  • Flashword A (DSE VZ200)
  • Flashword B (DSE VZ200)
  • Formula One (DSE VZ300) x 2
  • Galaxon (DSE VZ300)
  • Ghost Hunter (DSE VZ200)
  • Ghost Hunter (DSE VZ300) x 3
  • Hangman (DSE VZ200)
  • Hoppy (DSE VZ200)
  • Introduction to BASIC (DSE VZ300) x 2
  • Invaders (DSE VZ200)
  • Ladder Challenge (DSE VZ200)
  • Lunar Lander (DSE VZ200)
  • Mailing List (DSE VZ300) x 2
  • Matrix (DSE VZ200)
  • Maze of Argon (DSE VZ300) x 2
  • Metric Spycatcher (DSE VZ300)
  • Music Writer (DSE VZ200)
  • Music Writer (DSE VZ300)
  • Othello (DSE VZ300)
  • Panik (DSE VZ200)
  • Planet Patrol (DSE VZ200)
  • Poker (DSE VZ200) x 2
  • Portfolio Management (DSE VZ200)
  • Speed Reading (DSE VZ200)
  • Spell'O'Matic 1&2 (DSE VZ300)
  • Spell'O'Matic 3&4 (DSE VZ300) x 2
  • Sprite Generator (DSE VZ300)
  • Super Snake (DSE VZ200)
  • Tennis Lesson/Golf Lesson (DSE VZ200)
  • Typing Teacher (DSE VZ300) x 3
  • VZ-Chess (DSE VZ300)
  • VZ-Invaders (DSE VZ300)
  • Whizkid Spycatcher (DSE VZ200)
  • Word Matching (DSE VZ300) x 2
  • VZ200-300 Extended BASIC v2.3 (S. Olney)

Other Software

selected highlights - these have all been copied on tape

  • Air Traffic Controller (Home Software Library)
  • Bin2Tape
  • Hex Utilities
  • Learjet (Home Software Library)
  • VZ Bascom (BASIC Compiler)


  • Diskops Version 6 - Instructions (unsure if original)
  • Editor Assembler Instruction Manual x 2
  • Operating Instructions for Ext12 Extended Disk Facilities (unsure if original)
  • PP40 Printer Plotter Instruction Manual x 2
  • Printer Interface Installation Manual
  • Sprite Generator Instruction Manual
  • VZ200 BASIC Application Programs
  • VZ200 BASIC Reference Manual x 2
  • VZ200 User Manual
  • VZ300 16K Memory Expansion Module Instruction Manual x 2
  • VZ300 Main Unit Manual
  • VZ300 WordPro (cartridge)


  • BASIC Faster and Better & Other Mysteries
  • Getting Started with TRS80 BASIC
  • Microsoft BASIC Decoded & Other Mysteries for the TRS80
  • Programming the VZ300 Personal Colour Computer
  • Radio Shack BASIC Computer Language "It's easier than you think!"
  • The Amazing VZ300 Personal Colour Computer Omnibus
  • The Giant Book of Games for the VZ300
  • The Giant Book of VZ200 Games
  • TRS80 Micro Computer Technical Reference Handbook
  • VZ200 First Book of Programs
  • VZ200 Further Programming
  • VZ200 Getting Started
  • VZ200 Second Book of Programs
  • VZ300 Technical Manual

Newsletters, Magazines and Other

  • DSE letter to stockist regarding free demonstration cartridge and advising of price decrease of VZ200 to $169.00 RRP (circa Jan 1984)
  • Laserlink advertising mailer (circa Oct 1987) possibly mailed out with an issue of VZ USer
  • Micro-80 Vol 4, Issue 8 (1984)
  • Photocopied instructions for Air Traffic Controller and Learjet
  • VZ200 Interface Issue 3
  • VZ User Vol 1 No 12 (December 1986)
  • VZ User Vol 2 No 1 & 2 (January/February 1987)
  • VZ User Vol 2 No 3 (March 1987)
  • VZ User Vol 2 No 4 & 5 (April/May 1987)
  • VZ User Vol 2 No 6 & 7 (June/July 1987)
  • VZ User Vol 2 No 10/11 (Oct/Nov 1987)

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