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VZ200/300 Books

  • BASIC Reference Manual (Video Technology Ltd - free with VZ200/300) - an introduction to the computer and to BASIC programming
  • First Book of Programs (DSE B-7202 $6.95) - BASIC programs written by Wayne G Richmond (of Cosmic Software: Metric Spycatcher & Flashword Series)
  • Further Programming (DSE B-7208 $9.95) - written by Tim Hartnell, this book features more advanced BASIC programming including MODE 1 graphics, music, PEEKs and POKEs
  • Getting Started (DSE B-7206 $9.95) - A basic and BASIC introduction to the VZ200
  • Introduction to Computing (DSE B-7200 $9.95) - really an introduction to BASIC programming by Toni Louise Henson
  • Programming the VZ300 (DSE X-7325 $14.95) - written by Tim Hartnell, this is a broad introduction to programming in BASIC that even touches on saving your programs to cassette or disk
  • Second Book of Programs (DSE B-7203 $6.95) - a variety of program authors contributed to this one. Seems to contain a number of programs also released on tape (eg Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Poker Machine and others). Includes a number of programs to use with the plotter Dick Smith released, and a renumber subroutine that uses POKEs and PEEKs.
  • The Amazing VZ300 Omnibus (DSE X-7327 $19.95)
  • The Giant Book of VZ200 Games (DSE B-7210 $9.95)
  • The Giant Book of Games for the VZ300 (DSE X-7326 $19.95)
  • VProgrammeZ-VHintZ-VHardwareZ (VSoftwareZ $18.50) - a special book of programme listings, BASIC and machine code, hardware modifications and more
  • VZ200 Technical Reference Manual (DSE B-7204 $9.50) - written and compiled by Jamieson Rowe (formerly and latterly editor of Electronics Australia, but at the time working for Dick Smith Electronics as a 'technical guru') this 1983 release provides a comprehensive guide to the VZ200 hardware, including circuit diagrams, and an introduction to the more important ROM subroutines.
  • [[VZ200/300 Assembly Language Programming Manual for Beginners[[ (Steve R Olney $25.00) - a self-published work by Steve Olney that aims to introduce the reader to machine code programming for the VZ200/300.
  • VZ300 Technical Manual (DSE X-7324 $14.95) - an update of the VZ200 Technical Reference manual. New chapters feature joysticks, disk controller and disk drive, as well as the disk operating system.

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