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Original Hardware Projects

  • Glass teletype using the VZ200 (2 parts) (VZ200 RTTY) - This project allowed VZ200 users to enter the world of RTTY. Only useful if you had a radio amateur licence and equipment. ETI project 756 described in ETI November 1984 p106-112 & ETI December 1984 p93-97 (note errata on p95). DSE K-6318 $69.50.
  • VZ Serial Interface (VZ200 Terminal) - This project provided a 300-baud serial interface with full or half duplex operation. Allowed connection of a modem to the VZ computer. ETI project 695 described in ETI August 1985 p72-8. Reprinted in ETI Saturday Arvo Projects p4-9. DSE K-6317 $49.95.
  • RTTY using the VZ200 Computer - by Lloyd Butler. Described in Amateur Radio September 1985 p10-11. This project was started before the DSE kit was released. The article gives details of the hardware but only a description of the software. The original program was written in PLM, a high level language designed by Intel for the 8080/8085, and which produced Z80 compatible code. Unpublished was the actual decoder circuit Lloyd used which was a fairly complex filter type circuit, as opposed to the published design which used a PLL IC (XR2211) for simplicity. Lloyd was kind enough to send me a copy of this original circuit.
  • Super II VZ200 Modification (VZ200 Update) - by Matthew Sorrell. ETI project 687 described in ETI July 1986 p55. Note erratum for this project.
  • An "ultra-graphics" adaptor for the VZ200/300 computers - by Matthew Sorrell. AEM project Project 4512 described in AEM April 1988 p57-63. An ambitious project which offered 256 new characters, an additional 6K of video RAM plus 2K extra RAM, and a number of new higher resolution graphics modes. Requires extensive modification of the VZ-200/300 and should not be undertaken lightly. (Note errata in AEM June 1988 p7 and AEM July 1988 p7.)
  • Memory Expansion for the VZ200/300 computers - by Lloyd Butler. Described in Amateur Radio April 1988 p11-15. This project added 18K to the VZ300 and 20K to the VZ200.
  • VZ300 Eprom Programmer - ETI project 1611 described in ETI May 1988.
  • VZ300 Data Logger - ETI project 1612 described in ETI July 1988.

Modern Hardware Projects

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