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The VZ200 is a Z80 based 8-bit microcomputer dating back to 1983. It was manufactured by Video Technology in Hong Kong, and distributed in Australia by Dick Smith Electronics. There was a successor, the VZ300, which while showing some significant differences, was a revision rather than a major re-design. (Video Technology sold the same computer or variations thereof around the world under a number of different labels. If you want to write about those that is allowed. As this is an Australian website we will consistently use the terms VZ200 and VZ300 to refer to the computer except where a distinction is required.)

A wiki is a collaborative work and so contributions are most welcome. In this particular wiki we value accuracy of information over volume, so we have set it up so that only registered users can edit. To register as a user you need to ask the webmaster, Andrew Laird, to manually create an account for you. You can do that at Registration Request.

Here are some interesting starting points for reading more about the VZ200 family of computers:-

  • The List of Lists - an attempt at comprehensive coverage of everything that needs listing about the VZ200

  • Barry Hubble Collection - when Barry passed away, I was able to negotiate with his son Kevin to procure his collection. This is a complete list of everything that was sent to me, except for the Other Software section which points out a few highlights.
  • Andrew Laird's Holdings - my collection, mostly purchased off eBay. Some of it was given to me by a school friend, Phillip Smith, living in Newcastle, who is also a friend of Gavin Williamson (Laserlink). Please note that at this point I haven't completely merged my list with the one above.

I would like to make a special acknowledgement of the contribution of Bob Kitch who has donated disk drives, the original VZ200 won by his son which started Bob off on the VZ journey, as well as the vast amount of documentation he had collected over the years.